How to Know Your Vegetables are Fresh

With the way the world has developed, modern people just want to have something fast and easy to make especially when it comes to food. But we sometimes forget that the food we eat is actually not just a source of energy but also the main thing that gives us nutrition and the ability to fight diseases. That’s why when you buy your ingredients at the supermarket, you always have to check for freshness especially when you are buying vegetables.

vegetableThere are many ways to get a hand on your veggies. Vegetable importers in Dubai, for example, deliver them to various grocery chains or bigger markets and then these will be sold in smaller retail stores or vendors. So if you do your own grocery shopping, here are certain tips on how to know your vegetables are fresh and were handled properly by the sellers/importers.



 When buying your broccoli at supermarkets or individual vendors, make sure to pick those ones that have stalks that are firm and tight. The buds of the broccoli should have a dark green vibrant color and the smell should be that of fresh leaves not the smell of old, wet soil or leaves. If you see broccoli that are already yellowish or greenish brown in color, don’t buy them anymore as they have been sitting on the shelf for too long.



 Carrots are a bit tricky to buy and know if they are still fresh. They don’t really change in appearance as drastic as broccolis, so the way to know if they are still good is to actually touch them and feel their texture. If the carrots are still firm and do not have roots, then they are fresh and ready to be eaten with your salads. However, of the carrots you see have wrinkly exterior and soft texture when you press your fingers on them, then they are old and not the best ones to put in your fresh salads or snacks. For old carrots, you can still use them for soups and juices.



 Do you cook a lot of eggplants? Well then you should know how to spot an old one from a fresh one. Since they have a dark color, it would be quite hard to tell if they are still fresh. The trick is to choose those ones that have a smooth skin free from dark brown spots and indentations on the vegetable. If you press the eggplant and the flesh slightly gives and immediately bounces back, then that is a good and ripe eggplant. If the indentation remains, then the vegetable is too old or overripe and you would want to stay away from that.


These are just some of the common vegetables we buy in the market and ones that are difficult to tell whether they are fresh or not. For other vegetables, remember that it’s best to not just base it on looks, but to also touch them, feel their texture, and smell them so that you can tell if they are not rotting.


Source: Esurf Trading

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Flower Shop Services

Are you planning an event, party, or special occasion? Getting flowers would be one of the best gift or décor you can get for these types of events. Not only are flowers very beautiful to look at and can instantly brighten the atmosphere of a room or hallway, they are also a very good idea to get some natural fragrance into a location.


When searching for flowers, you can check out the best flower shop in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, or anywhere else in the UAE and find these common services among flower shops:


Flower Delivery

There are flower shops that offer both online ordering and in-shop ordering for their flowers. You can choose to have them delivered to your home, office, or wherever the location of the party, event, or special occasion will be at. There are also flower shops offering same day delivery you just have to ask them if there is an extra fee for the service otherwise, you can have your flowers all delivered at the place you want within 3 days or so.


Customized Flower Bouquets

Another great service from some of the best flower shops in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and other locations in the UAE is the customized flower bouquet services. In this service, you can actually choose a theme, color, flower type, or any other design idea you want for your bouquet. Most customers order these customized flower bouquets for occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, corporate events, or other occasions where they need beautiful and special flower arrangements for guests, interviewees, or celebrants. You can also ask flower shops for special bouquets and party arrangements for kids parties and have a theme of your choice such as popular cartoon characters, toys, and other kid themes.


In-home Design Consultation

Some of the best flower shops also offer consultation services for different events such as weddings, corporate parties, fund raisers, business seminars, etc. The shops will get their florists to conceptualize the theme of the flower arrangement together with the customers. The planning for this design consultation service may take a few days including the actual purchasing of the materials and shipment of the flowers needed for the event if they are not able to source the right flowers locally. Therefore, it is important to consult with your chosen flower shop way in advance of the event date to make sure your florist gets enough time in preparation and actual setup of the flower design and also to make slight adjustments on the design as they see fit for the event.


Flower Arrangement Workshop

If you are a flower enthusiast and would like to learn more about how to create your own floral designs or even start your own flower business, then you can look up flower shops that offer flower arrangement workshops. Some of these flower shops will already include the materials and flowers you would use for the workshop so you can just focus on thinking about the design you would like for your personalized flower bouquet.

Source: July Flowers

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Physiotherapy Dubai: What You Should Know About Physiotherapy

The medical professional has a lot of specializations to offer for people who would like to get into physical therapy and wellness. A very popular specialization now is Physiotherapy.Physiotherapy-with-patient

Physiotherapy is a holistic treatment that treats physical injuries caused by accidents, sports-related injuries, and even by the natural ageing process. The aim of the treatments under physiotherapy is to help patients regain total ease of movement or if not just to be able to manage their physical condition.

Physiotherapy does not rely on prescription drugs to treat pains or injuries. It instead uses a customized program of exercises and manual therapy based on the specific problem of the patient. There is also a lot of education and awareness being developed for the patient and his or her family members when it comes to managing or helping treat and alleviate the pain of the patient.

Going to a physiotherapy clinic, the first thing you will notice is that your physiotherapist might have more than one patient present at the same time. This is because each patient’s condition is different so they may also have varying treatments scheduled for that session. This sometimes makes the clinic very busy and you may feel a bit stressed out if you expect to have your therapist’s attention all to yourself.

When you go to a physiotherapy Dubai clinic to consult with a physiotherapist, you will also experience being asked different questions about your condition and to give updates on how you feel after each session of therapy. This is just to keep records and carefully track your progress and check if you need to modify your treatment based on your improvements of lack of it. So it’s very important to always observe your body or condition and report it as detailed as you can to your physiotherapist.

Your physiotherapy sessions may also include tests and physical exams that may be requested by your therapist based on the updates of your condition. These may be blood tests, general physical check up, or some scans or performance tests to measure your physical strength. Therefore, don’t be intimidated when you see a lot of machines or equipment that you might need to use in order to carry out the physical tests. Advanced technology is actually a great part of physiotherapy and is being used to aid in the faster recovery of patients and for a better and more specific diagnosis.

Going to a physiotherapist may also require more than one session depending on the degree of seriousness of your condition. So you also have to be prepared to block off your schedule and make time for your treatments. A session may last for 30 minutes to about an hour and this can be a combination of exercises, massages, and some test to check your improvements at every session.

If you think you would like to seek an alternative way of treating pains and injuries, look into a physical therapy clinic in Dubai today and start knowing how you can have a holistic treatment without the use of powerful prescription drugs.

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Company Formation in Dubai: Offshore or Onshore?

With its central location between Asia and Europe, Dubai has become a commercial hub in the United Arab Emirates. Its world-class facilities and infrastructure, progressive economic policies, and high quality of life have made it a favorable place not only for growing local businesses but also for establishing foreign companies.

Dubai has also attracted many foreign investors because of its tax exemption and financial incentives such as:

  • 0% corporate tax
  • 0% income tax
  • 0% inheritance tax
  • 0% wealth tax
  • No VAT (value added tax)
  • No sales tax

If you would like to expand your business and optimize your taxation, then you can either choose to establish a Free Trade Zone Offshore company or a Free Trade Zone Onshore company in Dubai. Here are some of the important differences and similarities between the two types of companies that you should consider before starting your company formation in Dubai:

  1. Formation and Ownership

An offshore company has an easier formation procedure than an onshore one. It does not require a business license.

On the other hand, an onshore company takes a bit longer to incorporate due to documents and licenses that need to be obtained. Both types of companies can have 100% foreign ownership by private individuals or legal entities.


  1. Office and Operations

An offshore company is not allowed to have a physical office inside the UAE and cannot engage in any trade within the city without getting an agent or distributor.

Onshore companies, on the contrary, are designed to fully operate in the Emirates.


  1. Cost, Tax Obligations, and Visas

An offshore company costs less to establish than an onshore one. However, both can enjoy the financial incentives mentioned earlier such as exemption from corporate income tax, withholding tax, and VAT. They can also have bank accounts in Dubai and abroad.

Information about company owners for both types of entities is not public so individuals can enjoy their privacy and maintain confidentiality and assets protection. Filing of financial statement and auditing is only required for onshore companies.

When it comes to resident visas, onshore companies can have company-sponsored visas but there is no possibility to obtain the same for offshore businesses.


So to illustrate, if your company wants the most cost efficient solution, and you do not need resident visas or a physical office in Dubai to conduct all your business activities, then you can opt for an offshore company instead of an onshore one. This will be easier to set-up, less expensive when it comes to incorporating costs, and gives you almost the same advantages as having an onshore company.


Since the emirate’s government has really made an effort to improve its commercial transparency and created regulations to aid the formation of businesses in the region, setting-up a company in Dubai-whether onshore of offshore—is not hard at all. Once you are ready to start your business in Dubai, remember to seek the professional services of company formation consultants in UAE who can make sure you have all the requirements to fast track your application.

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