Starting a Flower Shop in Dubai

Are you interested in starting your own business? Do you have an eye for the arts and creatives and wondering what could be a good business for your talents? Why not consider opening a flower shop in Dubai where you can service people who are regularly looking for reliable florists to supply them with the right flower arrangements for different occasions?

Background About The Floristry Industry

There is a stable flower industry in Dubai and many successful flower shops in Dubai like Mercury Flowers love working with flowers and plants, and in addition have a sharp eye for detail, and creative style. You must be good and creative with your hands, and physically fit if you want to be involved in this industry.



Here are more tips on what you need to work on as a flower shop owner:

Customer Service

In order to be successful in starting you won flower shop, you have to know how you can give quality service and products to your customers. So it is not enough that you have the creative eye or amazing skills in arranging and choosing flowers for a bouquet. You must have that genuine concern to your customers that they are getting the best and freshest flowers every time they order from your shop. You should also have that curious spirit to want to know how you can serve your customers better and make their flower buying experience feel more efficient and pleasant.

Actual Working Experience

Even if you are confident that you can run a business and have the capital for it, you should still consider working for another business before starting your own. It doesn’t need to be a flower shop. You can work in different industries just to get the experience and wisdom in how to manage an actual shop. You might be surprised that it is not easy to manage your own business and if the pressure and responsibilities are too much for you, at least you will know early and you can make your decision whether you still want to continue or not.


Create Your Support Network

When starting your own business, you might think that all you need is your skills and some cash for capital and you can start. However, as you build the business, you might be surprised that you need more and more people–reliable ones–that can be there and show up every day to work for the business. After all, you cannot do everything even if you wanted to. You will need people to help you carry out the day-to-day activities of the shop. You need people to handle deliveries, orders, and the creative and business side of the operations. So you will need to start scouting for your support team even before you open your flower shop because you will need them already once you try to organize the things you need for the business. Overall, you can ask your friends and family if they have people to recommend.